Mr. G's School of Guitar
A Practical Approach
We take the mystery out of music and leave the wonder.

Mr G

Mr. G's School of Guitar

Finger Picking - Rhythm & Lead - Acoustic & Electric

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By Appointment

Students will learn:
- Guitar Fundamentals
- Warm-up exercises
- Basic Music Theory
- How to write your own Music
- How to read music
- How to use your Ear along with a functional understanding of Music theory to figure out the structure of your favorite songs
- How to play Guitar with other musicians
- Basic Performance Techniques
- Understanding of different music styles

Available in:
- 1/2 hour lesson $25
- 1 hour lesson $40
- 6 half-hour lessons $130
- 6 one-hour lessons $190
With an advance purchase of a 4 class Package the 5th Class is FREE!
(in any of the above time increments)

For more information please call: (360) 852-0562

Mr G