Matt Brislawn, born and raised in Vancouver Washington. I opened Briz Loan & Guitar in the summer of 1995 with a desire to bring something that was missing in Vancouver, a used musical instrument shop. Growing up in Vancouver in the 80's there was only one new music shop in Vancouver with prices out of my budget. I could only dream of owning a guitar. Years later, about the same time I got my first legitimate job, a friend turned me on to pawn shops. I was using another friends bass and needed an amp so we headed to the then desolate downtown Vancouver to Cameo Loans. Funny part is, when we walked out, I was carrying a small $40 Crate bass amp under one arm and a $100 MicroMoog under the other. I didn't even know what the Moog was, it was just so freaky looking. My life was changed forever, I was now a Pawn Shop hound. From then on, everything needed for every band, pawn shops would be the first stop.

The name? Well, our family has been in Vancouver for 4 generations now. My grandfather, father, and myself have been called Briz by friends for quite some time now. It just seemed natural.

All our employees are musicians. Scott was my first full time employee and has been playing drums in underground bands since age 15. His longest and most accomplished run to date was with Diesto. Matt (the other Matt) has been with us since 2002 and formerly the drummer for Black Elk. Clarence plays upright bass in Wandering Zero and gigs regularly. I have been playing electric bass and/or my MicroMoog since 1989, drums since 1999, and now confusing people with my electronics as Brizbomb since 2005.

Now, with 16+ years under our belt, things are better than ever (surprising now that there are more music shops in Vancouver than ever). We are committed to provide directly and exclusively to our local musicians. I still research and price every item before it goes on the floor. Thanks to our customers word-of-mouth support, our advertising is now nearly non-existent. Our success has provided us with the ability to create other music related projects such as Reverb Rehearsal Studios. ALL our employees have paid medical benefits and paid vacation. We use biodegradable bags and products when possible, recycle all our paper, are monthly supporters of Clark Public Utilities' Green Lights program, support the Vancouver Food Cooperative, donate monthly to SEVA and to local charities.

Thank you very much, this has been a blast!
Matt Brislawn